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An Expert’s Guide to the Latest Residential Painting Trends
Residential Painting Trends

Few changes can transform your home as cost-effectively and quickly as a fresh coat of paint. From updating a single room with an accent wall to repainting an entire property, paint breathes new life into family homes. To help you create your flawless and inviting home, let’s explore some of the most exciting residential painting trends in the Canadian painting market.

Warmer Earth Tones

Neutral colours with warm earth tones dominate the Toronto residential painting trends as designers opt for warm greys, sandy beiges, and eggshell whites as a foundation to showcase their design work. These warmer colours can help bring peace, serenity and calm to your living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. 

Two-Tone Walls

Two-tone walls are one of the most creative ways to add an engaging pop of colour and visual interest to your traditional home decor. The two-tone design motif combines darker shades on the lower half with lighter colours on the upper part of the wall. This style best suits rooms where you entertain guests, including dining rooms and kitchens. Turn to your painting specialist for guidance on colours that harmonize.

Rich Blues and Greens

Deep forest greens and navy blues can add sophistication to any design palette. The deep, rich tones work well in a study or a larger dining room space. For an added touch of elegance, many homeowners add metallic accents to their rich paint colours, including brass or gold touches that lighten, uplift, and highlight the tones within the paint.

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The Ombré Technique

The Ombré is a great way to create a gradual colour transition from top to bottom or left to right across a wall. Painters will start with a lighter base colour and then gradually blend the colour into darker shades, bringing together a captivating design. The Ombré painting style is suitable for nurseries and bedrooms, but it can also work on a separate access wall in a hallway or a focal point in the living room. 

The Textured Finish

Textured finishes are becoming one of the most popular ways of adding unique aesthetic value to paintwork. Techniques such as faux brick and Venetian plaster can add depth and character to a wall space and create a tactile experience that adds character and transforms paintwork into captivating artwork.

Bold Exterior Doors

The residential painting trend has been growing in recent years as many Toronto homeowners choose to make a statement with the colour of their front door. You’ll find fiery reds and ultra-bold emerald grees doting the doors across the Toronto cityscapes. The key is to select a style and shade that complements the existing paintwork of the home. Your local Toronto exterior painters can help guide your colour choices.

Accent Ceilings

Metallic finishes and geometric designs painted on the ceiling can revitalize any room in the house. Homeowners are now adding accent ceilings to bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms to bring visual interest to the space and bring together the entire design.  

Questions to Consider When Following the Residential Painting Trends

Can the Painter Show Me Examples?

Before integrating one of the trending painting styles in your home, review how the style looks in the real world with examples from your painter. Photos and videos from past painting projects will give you a sense of how the design might fit your space.

Can We Test the Style Before We Commit?

Before committing to wholesale changes to your home colour scheme, consider testing the new style on a smaller area of the home. You can then see the interaction between colour, light, and tone to help you make the ideal decision about the project.

How Versatile is This Style?

Consider the flexibility of the painting style. Can you easily redo the paintwork in the coming months if you wish to make a change in the short term? Discuss your options with your painting company, and make sure they can adapt the paintwork should you revisit the decision.

Finest Painters is your Toronto-area leader for professional painting projects completed to your specifications. If you have any questions about the latest residential painting trends in the Toronto marketplace, request your home visit with our painting team today. We have a qualified and experienced team of local GTA painters standing by!

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