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Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Residential Painter
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Your residential painters will be the specialist responsible for your home’s appearance for the years to come. Their work will be a focal point for all upcoming events inside the property and provide the backdrop for your family’s memories. Choosing an experienced, qualified residential painter involves analyzing the marketplace and asking clarifying questions of each potential service provider. As a guide while you navigate the residential painting marketplace, here are the questions to ask before choosing a home painter.

How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

Determining the length of time the residential painting company has been in business can tell you more about its background in serving local homeowners and the reputation of its brand in the industry. Reputable companies should be able to explain the firm’s background and its growth. This careful background research will be crucial in ensuring value for money, for example, when it comes to warranties.

What Does the Traditional Painting Project Involve?

The scope of the residential painting work should be a leading consideration when evaluating painters. Consider the specific requirements within your home and determine whether the company has the resources and expertise to complete the work professionally. For example, can their painters paint textured walls and intricate areas of trim, which may require specialist machinery and the delicate touch of a seasoned painter?

Does the Residential Painter Have Reviews and References?

In the customer-facing market, reviews tell you everything about a house painting company and its expertise. While most companies have a few lower ratings, if the company has more low ratings than high, then you might consider thinking twice about inviting their team to work on your home. In addition to analyzing their online reviews, take the time to speak with potential references for the firm. Most painting companies can connect you with at least two past customers who can explain their experience with the firm’s working process.

How Do They Calculate Their Pricing?

Remember to ask for an estimate in writing before you begin the painting project. When you receive the estimate, ask the company’s reps how they arrived at that fixture. Do they charge by the hour or by the square foot? Can they provide you with a fixed fee for the project? Ensure their calculated price fits your budget and that you approve any additional costs before they complete the work. 

What Type of Paint Do They Recommend?

Learn more about the types of paint the company uses and what they recommend specifically for use in your home. Do they use latex paints or oil-based paints? When reviewing the paint options, ask the firm to provide samples so that you see a true-to-life representation of the colour and tone of the paint in the room before you finalize your decision. Another consideration is the brand of paint. For example, Finest Painters works with Benjamin Moore, Dulux, and Sherwin-Williams paints.

Can You Fit the Painting Work in Our Schedule?

If you have a tight schedule, ensure your timetable aligns with the painting company’s. Do they have the resources to complete the work on your timeline? Also, try to confirm the schedule for the project in writing before the work begins to help hold the company to account for their time commitment. Ask the company about the factors that might impact the timeline and how they would communicate any changes to you as the work continues.

Who Will Be the Project Lead?

The project lead for the team will be responsible for providing updates and answering your questions as the painting work continues. Ensure you’re comfortable with the project lead before signing the working agreement with the painting company. Maintaining an effective working relationship with the project lead can help ensure they meet each of your requirements.

Finest Painters will help transform your Toronto home into your dream space in the coming months. We’re not like any other residential painter. We stand out with premium quality paints and a 15-year, $2 million liability warranty with each project we complete. If you’re about to begin a home painting project, request your free quote today! 

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